Are you preparing for your first Insane Inflatable 5K this summer? We've got some tips to get you in good shape for your run!

We know- 5K's can seem pretty intimidating to first-timers. Congratulations on taking the first step and signing up!

Here's some pointers to make sure your first 5K will be one worth remembering.

  • evgenyatamanenko

    Get a Good Night's Sleep

    This may seem obvious. However, not getting enough rest can make or break your whole experience. Try to get close to eight hours of rest the night before your 5K to re-energize!

  • Valentyn Volkov
    Valentyn Volkov

    Have a Well-Balanced, But Light Meal

    The food you consume right before exercising is crucial. Try to eat a meal that is on the lighter side if you are eating closer to the time of your run. Running on a full belly is no fun!

  • Comstock

    Wear Comfortable Clothing (Even if You are Wearing a Costume)

    We know you want to show off your new workout gear (or even a fun costume), but don't overdo it. Make sure you are wearing clothes that you have worn before and have tested to be comfortable while you're moving.

  • Warren Goldswain
    Warren Goldswain

    Get Running Shoes that Fit Your Needs

    Again, don't just wear something to show it off- especially not running shoes. Having a pair of not-broken-into or uncomfortable sneakers can destroy your experience. Make sure to grab a pair of sneakers that will make your run as smooth as possible. You can even stop by sporting goods and sneaker stores to have associates lead you to your ideal shoe!

  • Steve Frost
    Steve Frost

    Have a Positive Attitude

    If you go into the run with a negative attitude or mood, you will have a negative experience. Try to keep your mind open and an optimistic mood to have a better time!

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