You don't have to have a gold medal to train like the people that do. In fact, we've laid out the ultimate training guide thanks to tips from Muscle& and that will have you feeling like an Olympian in no time!

A healthy heart through exercise leads to a longer and more happy life. If you want to join a support group and be in a program alongside others with the same goals check out the 10 week program VIRTUAFIT. 

Before we dive into the workout plan, here's what you should know. The key to any training is to make your workout a habit. Get into a routine that's comfortable for you and your fitness level, but don't be afraid to switch it up as you gain strength. Also, HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) is the BEST way to burn fat and build up endurance. Make it part of your routine.

Day 1

  • Work on your back today
  • Get in at least 30 minutes of cardio

Day 2

  • Legs
  • Work on abs instead of cardio

Day 3

  • Today it's all about those shoulders and triceps
  • Get in 30 minutes of cardio

Day 4

  • Work on glutes today
  • Work on Abs today instead of cardio

Day 5 

  • Chest, biceps, and abs
  • 30 minutes of cardio

Day 6-

  • Work on legs today
  • Work on abs instead of cardio

Day 7 - REST DAY

For more information on keeping your heart happy through exercise, check out these sources: Muscle&


This article was written by Dominique Bober, a Spring 2019 Digital Intern at Townsquare Media South Jersey.

Workout information inspired by the personal routine of Kelsey Carbonetta, personal trainer.

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