The new Atlantic City arena football team finally has its name. After submissions from the public, there were five finalists: Blackjacks, Gamblers, High Rollers, Jackpot, and Royals and after voting, the official name was revealed at ovation Hall in Atlantic City and the winner is.....“Atlantic City Blackjacks”

The Blackjacks name won the vote by a narrow margin, with 36% of the total votes. Gamblers came in as a close second at 31%, Royals at 13%, Jackpot at 11%, and High Rollers at 9%.

There were over 6,500 unique votes submitted.

Michael Santaniello, a student from Rider University, was the first to enter the team name and won the ultimate Atlantic City Blackjacks prize pack including 2019 inaugural season tickets, an official team game helmet and personalized home game jersey.

So, how do we feel about the name?

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