Defensive Tackle Austin Johnson is a top ten rated prospect at his position and a top 50 overall prospect for the 2016 NFL Draft.

But before he was an NFL prospect and before he was a Defensive Tackle at Penn State, he went to Saint Augustine Prep.

Johnson joined The Sports Bash on Monday Afternoon and he talked about his time at The Prep:

"We just had a whole bunch of fun, its all guys school so you can only imagine, we just having fun going to class and stuff like that. But on the field we get to have more fun, we already have that really good bond with each other and you can see it click on the field then when I was playing and when them playing now because they have a really good team now and they got a really good coach. What's funny is I got my first offer from Coach Reardon when he was at Villanova, so its kinda funny he's coaching at the Prep now."

Hear what Austin Johnson had to say about his time at Penn State and his preparations for the NFL.

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