Over the years, the number of former and current professional athletes who own minority stakes in Sports Teams has grown. Instead of investing more of their money into mutual funds and the Stock Market, Pro Athletes are putting their money into the Sports Industry.

For example, Patrick Mahomes has a minority stake in the Kansas City Royals, LeBron James owns part of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Alex Rodriguez has a minority stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Last week, Bloomberg News reported that Philadelphia Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie has hired a firm to explore the sale of a minority stake in the organization.

While the size of the investment that Lurie is looking for has not been reported, it was confirmed that this minority stake will be small enough that the individual has no path to Controlling Ownership or having a say in Eagles Operations.

On the latest episode of the New Heights Show Podcast, the Kelce brothers talked about this Eagles news. Jason Kelce admitted that he doesn't think they could afford to buy a minority stake in an NFL Team but they compared the idea of people looking at homes on Zillow they can't afford.

Travis Kelce pointed out to Jason that you cannot be a Broadcaster for an NFL Media partner and be part of an NFL Team's ownership group. Travis said he would never sacrifice the opportunity to be an NFL Broadcaster to have a minority stake in a team.

But Jason Kelce aggressively disagreed with his brother Travis:

"Listen, I will back out of the (ESPN NFL) TV Deal right now if you tell me I can own the Philadelphia Eagles. Come on now, are you kidding me? (If) you can be an owner, that's another level."

Why Jason Kelce does not have the financial resources to buy into the Eagles

According to Bloomberg News, the Philadelphia Eagles could be evaluated as high at 7.5 Billion. This means one percent of the Eagles franchise could cost an investor up to 75 Million Dollars. That number is significantly higher than Jason Kelce's net worth is reported to be $40 Million.

For comparison, all-time great Tennis Player Serena Williams along with her sister, Venus, purchased a Minority Stake in the Miami Dolphins in 2009. Back then, the Dolphins were evaluated at $1.1 Billion and a one percent stake would be projected to cost 11 Million Dollars.

Serena Williams' net worth is estimated at $250 Million and she annually earns 15-20 Million dollars each year from brand endorsements. Those figures are significantly higher than Jason Kelce ($40 Million Net Worth) and his brother Travis Kelce ($40-$50 Million).

The Kelce Brothers combined worth falls $200 million short of Serena Williams.
So the Zillow analogy was very accurate for The Kelce Brothers: dreaming about owning an NFL Franchise is literally something they cannot afford but can see from afar.

Both Jason and Travis agreed they would love to be minority stakeowners of an NHL Team. The brothers have talked about on the New Heights Show Podcast their passion for hockey and the Kelces' years playing youth hockey.

We can confirm that Jason Kelce invested $2.2 Million to buy his Beach House at the Jersey Shore. Here is what the Kelce's Shore House in Sea Isle City looks like and you can decide if this is worth 2.2 Million Dollars:

Here's Jason Kelce's $2.2 Million Beach House in Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Ever since Jason Kelce made his emotional retirement announcement, the former Eagles Center has embraced the post-football life. Having grown up in Ohio and playing College Football at the University of Cincinnati, some would think Jason Kelce would spend his post-career years back at home, but he has chosen to live in New Jersey.

Thanks to his wife Kylie growing up in the Suburban Philadelphia area and playing his entire NFL career for the Eagles, Jason Kelce has now planted his life here in Eagles Country. After vacationing in Sea Isle City for years, the Kelces have purchased a Beach House in South Jersey. Makes sense considering Sea Isle City is one of the 50 Best Places to Retire in New Jersey and one of the best towns to live in Cape May County.
Reportedly sold for $2.2 Million right off the boardwalk, check out Jason Kelce's Sea Isle City Beach House

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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