Ricky Council IV and Jeff Dowtin Jr. led the way for the Sixers, but the Utah Jazz (2-1) finished strong to send Philadelphia (1-2) to a 93-85 defeat in Salt Lake City Summer League play on Wednesday.

Here's what I saw.


- One of my favorite things to watch early in the 2024 summer league circuit has been Adem Bona using every advantage his frame has to offer. Rarely will you get a phony screen. Bona usually isn't the tallest guy on the floor, but he might be the strongest. His teammates are shedding on-ball defenders when he's in the vicinity because he's setting solid picks and holding the wall until his teammate clears. I don't mind the occasional offensive foul; the visual of an unsuspecting defender getting rammed by a screener a la Brian Dawkins tackling in the open field will induce a whistle from time to time, even if the screen is legal.

Bona didn't just assert his strength in spots in this game. He was a relentless source of physicality and motor. Look no further than the rookie big man blowing up a lob early in the second quarter and beating everyone down the floor for a finish at the rim despite starting the offensive transition as the second farthest player from the opposite basket. Bona doesn't stop running, he doesn't stop hitting. He doesn't stop chasing long rebounds, and he makes sure he comes down with the ball if he can get a hand on it.

- Council IV was dominant in Monday's win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. He struggled mightily in Tuesday's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Wednesday was Philadelphia's third summer league game in three days. Fatigue would be more than understandable. It didn't stop Council from having a strong bounce-back game for the Sixers. He was in control as Philadelphia mounted a comeback in crunch time, forcing his way to the rim and drawing fouls in the process. He shot 6-for-7 from the charity stripe, hit two of his four three-point attempts, and committed just one turnover.

- Dowtin has enough experience that he's clearly figured out summer league. His counting stats have been very good. He's demonstrated smooth shot-making at times when things looked tight for the Sixers, and then got back on defense with his focus on ensuring his teammates had the correct coverages in mind. I wonder if he's in position to earn one of Philadelphia's final roster spots on a minimum contract.


- Bona passed up a wide-open jumper around the foul line in the second quarter. I can understand if there's some second-guessing if you know a coach is observing whether you stray away from that which you've proven to be good. But, take the risk. Shoot the jumper. Bona's free throw mechanics need work, but there are some basics there. Let's see what it looks like in live action.

- Good on the Sixers for seemingly finding a gem in the second round in Bona. But, he's pretty widely outplayed Jared McCain, the no. 16 overall pick, thus far. McCain only took nine shots in this game, connecting on just one of them. He was 0-for-3 from deep. If you're not going to fill up the assist column (zero assists against one turnover in this game), keep shooting, young fella!

The Sixers will face the Detroit Pistons in Las Vegas Summer League action on Saturday. Tip-off is scheduled for 7 p.m., Eastern time. You can watch the game on ESPN2.

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