In 2015 the Eagles were statically one of the five worst defenses in the NFL last season but many people attribute that to Chip Kelly's fast paced offense that put the defense on the field double the amount of time as the offense.  In 2016, with a more traditional offense installed by Doug Pederson and the arrival of Jim Schwartz with his 4-3 defensive system, the expectations are for better results from the defense this season.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

NFL Spin Zone Editor/Writer Russell Baxter joined Josh Hennig on Monday and explained why Jim Schwartz value to this team cannot be understated:

"He's an excellent coordinator and you can say, he was the Eagles best offseason addition.  I mean you can debate players and debated draft choices and so on and so on.  Let's not forget what the Buffalo Bills were a couple of years ago...54 Sacks a couple years ago under Jim Schwartz, fourth in the league in Total Defense, an attack style 4-3 (Defense).  The Eagles have a lot of good personnel: Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins, Rodney McLeod, and Vinny Curry; I am more excited to watch the Eagles on defense than I am on offense this year.  I'm not sure sure what they're going to be, totally, on offense.  I know what they are going to be on defense: aggressive, hungry"

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