Beer lovers in New Jersey, we have one beer for you.

Across New Jersey, there are a number of incredible breweries that you can visit. There are plenty of great South Jersey breweries, with different beer styles and funny names that have built plenty of popularity.

So if you drove through New Jersey, what is the one beer you need to try? The people at Vine Pair came up with the one beer you should bring home from every state and the one in New Jersey isn't to far away.

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How did they pick the one beer?

We curated this list based on fame, availability, and crowd-sourced testimonies

Before we get to New Jersey's beer, lets go over the river to Delaware to see what the one beer was from the first state.

120 Minute IPA From Dogfish Head Brewery

Delaware is a small state that simply can’t fit that many breweries within its lines, but if there’s one brewery that’s put the state’s beer scene on the map, it’s Dogfish Head. Sure, Dogfish Head beers maintain shelf real estate in most shops across the country, but a visit to the brewery is well worth it. The 120 Minute IPA is a behemoth of a beer, clocking in at 15 to 20 percent ABV depending on the batch.

I have had plenty from Dogfish Head, but I haven't had the 120 Minute. I have had the 60 Minute and the 90 Minute, both are pretty tasty.

Lets head up the parkway to New York to see what the one beer is in the Empire State.

Green City From Other Half Brewing

Anyone who’s waited in line for a 9 a.m. beer release probably knows about Other Half, which now has several locations across the Eastern U.S. The brewery has made hundreds of IPAs to date, but the tried-and-true flagship Green City is arguably the most famous.

This is an outstanding beer, which you can get at a few places in our area, including Chickies & Pete. I have been to the Other Half Brewery location up in Philadelphia.

Which bring us to the beer in Pennsylvania.

Hallertau Pils From Human Robot Brewery

Pennsylvania is home to countless show-stopping breweries, but we’re giving a special shout-out to one of the best: Human Robot Brewery. Founded in 2020, it’s a relatively new kid on the block, but its commitment to making top-tier interpretations of classic lager styles is unparalleled. Pick up a few cans of its flagship pilsner the next time you’re in the City of Brotherly Love.

I have never been here, but have heard a ton of good things about Human Robot Brewery.  I know have another reason to get up there.

So what was the one beer from the Garden State?

Head High From Kane Brewing Company

Though not in proper New England beer country, New Jersey has a pretty killer beer scene. There’s Carton, Magnify, Troon, Source — the list goes on. But any New Jerseyan beer enthusiast will tell you that they have a special place in their heart for Kane’s flagship IPA Head High. Kane also makes some of the best stouts known to man, but unlike those brews, Head High can be found at almost any bottle shop in the Garden State.

I have tried this beer and am a big fan, its definitely worth taking a drive to out Monmouth County to 1750 Bloomsbury Ave in Ocean Township, which isn't to far from our studios in Northfield.

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