When the temperatures cool down in New Jersey, it becomes Stout season for many beer drinkers.

Many beer drinkers out there absolutely love stout beers, but the weather has to be right for them - and it seems we have hit that time of the year.

With stout season officially underway. The cooler the weather, the darker the beer.

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One New Jersey craft brewery has a stout that was just named the high-rated stout beer in the entire state by the people at VinePair. That craft brewery would be Kane Brewing Company in Ocean.

A Night To End All Dawns

This imperial dark ale stout has an ABV of 12.4ABV from Kane Brewing:

A Night To End All Dawns is our massive Imperial Stout aged for over a year in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. Since it was first released in 2012, A Night To End All Dawns has won two Gold Medals (2014 & 2020) and a Silver medal (2018) at the Great American Beer Festival and a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup (2016).

Love craft beer? If you haven't been to Kane Brewing Co. in Ocean, you need to make the drive up there and check out their beer. There isn't a single beer that I have tried from Kane that I haven't liked.

Check out Kane Brewing Company at 1750 Bloomsbury Ave in Ocean Township.

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