The Flyers are 11-10-3 this season with a Goals For vs Goals Against differential of -3 and part of the reason for that is the inconsistent play from the Goaltenders.  Both Goalies have under performed compared to last season as Steve Mason has a .898 Save Percentage and a 2.96 Goals Against Average while Michael Neuvirth has posted more mediocre numbers compiling a .859 Save Percentage and a 3.54 Goals Against Average.  Both men had a Save Percentage above .910 last season.

NBCSN Hockey Analyst and Former Flyers Goaltender Brian Boucher joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday to discuss the Flyers' Goalies:

“Truth be told (Flyers) goaltending has not been where it's needed to be at the start of the season. Although Mason was fantastic (Tuesday) night, it has not been the best all year long....(Michael) Neuvirth is frustrating because he can’t stay healthy and this has been his M.O. his whole career. He cannot find a way to stay healthy and that is why he has never been a number one goaltender in the NHL and once again he is hurt. He played great last year, has not played great this year and not being healthy is not going to help his cause. With regards to (Steve) Mason, I am a little bit shocked that he hasn’t played better than he has at the start of the season mainly because it is a contract year and I think both these guys are playing for a longer term deal to be the Flyers main guy. So I was a little bit shocked that Mason struggled at the start of the year but I am not going to just judge him on what the start of the year was.”

Hear Boucher's first hand perspective of the Flyers Shootout win on Tuesday night and his analysis of the play of the young stars

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