Before the Phillies game on Thursday their record on the 2016 season stands at 11-10 which far exceeds many people's expectations.  ESPN Baseball Tonight Analyst Jim Bowden is the  former Reds and Nationals General Manager, he spoke with Mike Gill on Wednesday about the Phillies and explained why the team is playing better than many fans and experts anticipated:

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

"There's a lot of positive things going on in Philadelphia and I think the fact that you got three starters, young starters in the rotation that appear to be part of the solution here and when you get three starting pitchers like that you're going to win more games than people thought you were going to. Of course the lineup needs some help but you got some guys coming in the Minor Leagues which is going to help and it certainly fun to watch Maikel Franco and I can't wait to see him in San Diego (at the All-Star Game)."


Hear Bowden's breakdown of why the Phillies got the better of the Ken Giles to Astros trade along with his analysis of AL East Rivals New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox