We are getting closer to a resolution on the future of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford.

Tuesday will mark the final day a team can place a franchise tag on one of their players. After 4 p.m. that window will be closed.

Appearing on Sirius XM NFL Radio, the agent for Sam Bradford in Tom Condon spoke candidly on if he expects a tag to be placed on his client.

"I couldn't give you an answer on that," Condon said.

The Eagles front office has been mum on the possibility of a tag being placed on Bradford. If the team doesnt place one on him by Tuesday then one of two things will happen: 1. The Eagles and Bradford will agree on a long term contract 2. Bradford will sign on with another team.

One thing remains the same if Bradford doesnt get tagged, he'll reach the open market and will be able to gauge his value to 31 other NFL teams.

Will the Eagles be willing to get into a bidding war with one or multiple teams over Bradford?

Time will tell.

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