Thursday, the National Traffic Safety Board (commonly the "NTSB") released their report related to the plane crash that resulted in the death of Hall of Fame pitcher Roy Halladay.  The contents of the report contained few surprises for those who had followed the situation closely: Halladay was taking advantage of the acrobatic performance capabilities of his model of airplane and that there was the presence of amphetamines in his system.  However, though this was already knowledge, the release of the report brought about renewed pain an another opportunity for judgment.

Some substances in Halladay's system were previously reported; other details were previously unknown.

The widow of Roy Halladay, Brandy Halladay, took note of the media reports and the comments.  For Brandy Halladay, it was another instance of devastation, seeing the reports and seeing some judgment from others.  She wanted to let this be known.

Brandy Halladay responded via a Phillies Media press release on Thursday:

 “Yesterday’s NTSB report on Roy’s accident was painful for our family, as it has caused us to relive the worst day of our lives. It has reinforced what I have previously stated, that no one is perfect. Most families struggle in some capacity and ours was no exception. We respectfully ask that you not make assumptions or pass judgement. Rather, we encourage you to hug your loved ones and appreciate having them in your lives. As a family, we ask that you allow Roy to rest in peace.”

The response was probably similar to that of some fans as well.

It is common for the NTSB to release a final report of any plane crash, so this day was going to come at some point.  With the physical toll taken on the body playing Major League Baseball, some have been legally prescribed opioids to address the issues.  The Mayo Clinic notes that anyone who takes them is at risk for addiction.

The Phillies are set to honor Roy Halladay during the 2020 season.  The plan was to retire number 34 in honor of Halladay on May 29, the 10th anniversary of his perfect game in Florida.  Surely, that will be rescheduled.

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