At least per his sources.

Writes Olney Tuesday:

" ... (C)lubs are monitoring the Milwaukee Brewers and Philadelphia Phillies to see if they're going to become sellers in the next few weeks. ... To this point, by the way, the Phillies have not put Cole Hamels or Shane Victorino on the market, sources say."

And why would they? Ruben Amaro has reportedly told Jim Salisbury that what will dictate the team's position at the deadline is it's play in early July. (Not giving themselves enough time? Glass-half-full: The Phils had a deal for Hunter Pence fall apart last July 27. Still pulled it off before July 31. Glass-half-empty: The expanded wild card shrinks the market to the end thta there won't be nearly as many clear-cut sellers and suitors for what will be fewer available pieces as were the Astros and Phillies for Pence, which made hammering out the deal on the fly super simple.) We're not there yet, so why would management be, per management's logic?

Especially since there's no glaring, must-have move that would itself take the team to another level.

And then there's this: Per Todd Zolecki, the Phillies have the best winning percentage in the second halves of the past five seasons (.622), right about what they'd need to finish with 90 wins (.632), the low end of the spectrum Manuel gave when asked how many wins he thinks the team needs to squeak into the postseason. Stretch that they pull it off. Less iffy that management might've already picked up on a trend, and think this team's still got a chance.

That's the worldview. On a more micro scale, this tells us that (1) there's absolutely no market for Victorino, a free agent at year's end and a high-grossing and grossly underperforming player now (2) samesies for Cole Hamels, given that most of the teams who under normal circumstances would make a run on him at the deadline can do it for less money and more security by signing him in free agency, (3) which is probably where the guy's headed, though (4) while this doesn't definitively mean that the Phillies have any intention on re-signing him, it reassures us that, at least for now, they haven't closed the door on the possibility. Again: Could totally have that made up in their minds, but this news (or lack thereof) doesn't glean any finality on their plans, or that they even have a plan.

Which, yeah, means I'm saying there's a chance.