The Phillies have started their season 7-9 and in some ways have exceed some expectations.  But 2016 is still a season to allow the young talent develop and as NBC Sports Lead Baseball Writer Craig Calcaterra explains this season will come with ups and downs for this young team:


"You're going to see guys like (Maikel) Franco have a amazing weeks where they're just complete beasts and then have a week or two where pitching is just getting the best of them. 23 years old, that just happens. You're going to have a lot of time watching Peter Bourjos; the reason he is out there is to showcase to trade him at the (MLB Trade) Deadline because he plays good defense or to at least be a security blanket for the young pitching.....The key to this season, and it's already going pretty well as far as it goes, is watching the young pitching take their lumps as their going to and mature because it takes time. I'm an old man, I'm a Braves fan and I remember seeing this in 1987, 1988, '89 with Tom Glavine and John Smoltz, they just got to get through their turns until they mature. And so far the turns from guys like Velazquez and Eickoff, they've been good."

Checkout what Calcaterra had to say about the Pitching dominance in Baseball, his thoughts on how the Cole Hamels deal benefited both the Rangers and Phillies, also who are his surprise teams after the first couple weeks of the 2016 MLB season

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