Get used to referring to Camden's Waterfront Music Pavilion by a different. Someone new is paying for the privilege. 

If you feel like you blink and, poof, the name of the venue changes you're not wrong.

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It was dubbed Waterfront Music Pavilion only a few months ago. But, we knew that name was just a temporary placeholder after the BB&T claim expired, according to

It was BB&T Music Pavilion for six years, so that's a pretty long run. If you were keeping track over the years, you'll recall Waterfront Music Pavilion was just the latest moniker. Since being built in 1995, the venue has gone by five different names. First, Blockbuster/Sony Entertainment Center, Tweeter Center, Susquehanna Bank Center, BB&T, Waterfront, and now...

Google Maps
Google Maps

Meet the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion! The mortgage lender is officially now the new title sponsor, according to Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Google Maps

So, just like the changing of a calendar year, we expect it to take at least six weeks before we all start referring to it AS Freedom Mortgage Pavilion...patience, right?

Still, whatever its name, we'll continue to gather there for a schedule of awesome summer shows. Wanna know who'll be the first to play the NEW Freedom Mortgage Pavilion? Keep scrolling!

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