The average age of the Phillies starting staff is 25 years old with Aaron Nola and Vincent Velasquez both being under the age of 24.  The quandary of young pitching staffs is their inexperience at pitching a long season.  We have seen teams like the Nationals put an innings limit on Stephen Strasburg while the Mets managed the innings of Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom.  Former Phillies Starter Tommy Greene was a guest on The Sports Bash on Tuesday was asked if this Phillies' starting rotation will be able to last the full 162 game season:

"They got the ability to and there's no reason why they can't, I know they gonna try to....Back in my day there were ten man pitching staffs, now you got 12 so they're able to sort of not stretch them out as much and take care of them a little bit better. Cause you got (Vincent) Velasquez, you know that's the guy I think they are worried about more than anything as far as getting later in the season is his innings count because he hasn't thrown that many. So we gonna see how they do, there's no reason why they can not keep it up. I'd still like to see, you gotta see the starters pitch into the sixth, seventh inning. If you're not gonna go more than five (innings) you're gonna add to the detriment of the bullpen a little bit because the more you see the bullpen, the more they pitch, it's tough as the dog days of August and it's gonna be a long summer"

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