The 2019 season is an opportunity for Carson Wentz to put a lot of narratives formed over the last year to bed. A big one that still lingers over the quarterback's head is zero playoff starts over his first three seasons.

While most believe Wentz is one of the best young signal callers in the NFL, he still doesn't have the playoff moments under his belt that Jared Goff, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, and others do.

It isn't a fact of the moment being too big for Wentz. The Eagles have seen him perform on big stages such as the 2017 victory in  Los Angeles against the Rams that eventually led to Philadelphia grabbing home-field advantage throughout the postseason. He just hasn't been available the last two seasons for the Eagles when they are ready to make a run into January.

The unfortunate timing of Wentz's injuries has caused a lot of "what ifs".

What if it was Wentz in the playoffs against Atlanta, Minnesota, and New England? Would he have been able to take down the league's best defense in the Vikings and the greatest dynasty in NFL history as Foles did?

Would Wentz under center still result in the turnaround from 6-7 last year that saw the Eagles get to the divisional round of the playoffs?

Could Wentz drive the Philadelphia down the field at Soldier Field against the Bears? Yet another top-ranked defense?

While making the playoffs and potentially going on a deep run would answer those questions, the former second overall pick can also directly answer those "what ifs" with regular season match-ups against Atlanta, Minnesota, New England, and Chicago.

The playoffs are a different beast compared to the regular season.

However, if Wentz can perform at a high level and help the Eagles take down Tom Brady, get a win in Minnesota where the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history was hoisted just a year ago, and/or get wins over Atlanta and the Bears, slaying those ghosts could help erase weeks of "Wentz-Foles" comparisons and hot takes about the quarterback.

Wentz was extremely motivated in this way last year. 2018 was supposed to be his redemption tour. It is why he pushed so hard to get back by the start of the season. Expect that motivation to be even bigger in 2019.

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