We have finally heard from Carson Wentz.

The former Eagles quarterback met with the Indianapolis media for the first time, and spoke for the first time in three months about his time in Philadelphia. One thing he didn't really clear up was if he had any say or control on if he stayed or if he was traded.

"Im not saying one way or another," Wentz explained on Thursday. "It was outside of my control."

Meanwhile Eagles general manager Howie Roseman indicated that it was a mutual agreement that moving on might be best for both parties, if the team could find a fair deal.

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"A lot of honest conversations with him and his representative about where he was and the feeling that maybe it was best to kind of move on," Roseman said. "We told him that it would have to work out for both sides. I think that's what the trade is with Indy."

While Wentz wouldn't say he asked for his departure from the Eagles organization, but what he did admit that being benched definitely changed things for him in Philadelphia.

"Green Bay was probably the moment that I realized this might not be it," Wentz admitted. "Anytime you are pulled, you don't know what..am I going to go back out next week, next drive, I had no idea."

Wentz, who struggled essentially the entire 2020 season, didn't mince words when talking about how the benching effected him the remainder of the season.

"I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it wasn't fun," Wentz stated.

Wentz had his worst year as a pro, completing a paltry 57.4 percent of his passes, and averaging just 6.0 yards per attempt, with 16 passing touchdowns and 15 interceptions. When Wentz was benched, the team entered second-round pick Jalen Hurts, who came in and started the final four games of the season, going 1-3.

Wentz did say he didn't think the presence of Hurts contributed to his poor play on the field.

"I don't. Jalen and I had a good relationship," Wentz said. "I wish the kid nothing but the best."

When the team brought Hurts in to the fold, many people discussed his leadership qualities, almost as much as his on-field talent. Its something that many questioned about Wentz during the rough times in Philadelphia.  Multiple reports have surfaced since Wentz's benching that he wasn't able to take constructive criticism, didn't connect with many teammates and could be stubborn.

"If any of my teammates out there don't think I wasn't the best teammate, I apologize." said Wentz. "I wish I could be better, last year was tough for everybody."

The Eagles trade a plethora of assets to move up to take Wentz, hoping he would be their long-term franchise quarterback.  Turns out the marriage lasted just five season, but Wentz had more ups than downs in the City of brotherly love and will always cherish his time in Philadelphia.

"For five years, I gave everything I had," explained Wentz. "Both on and off the field. When I lat my head on that pillow at night, I know I gave everything I had."

Moving forward, he'll being laying his head on a pillow somewhere in Indiana.

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