Grayson's Grades: Eagles vs Colts
All eyes were on the return of Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz. He played in his first game since December 10, 2017 and brought a lot of sunshine to an otherwise rainy Sunday in Philadelphia.
Aquib Talib Must Be a Three Stooges Fan
Late in the 4th quarter as the Denver Broncos were trying to force an Indianapolis Colts field goal, Aquib Talib messed up.
Driving in the red zone, Colts QB Andrew Luck completes a pass to TE Dwayne Allen and after the play was over Talib came in with the eye gauge...
Al Michaels Played His Part Perfectly Last Night
You can literally bet anything in Las Vegas. was even offering up a prop bet for last night's Patriots/Colts game on how many times the broadcast would mention "deflategate." The bet even included variations on the word that included: 'deflate,' 'deflat…
Did You See the Fake Punt Try From Colts?
The Indianapolis Colts tried a bizarre fake trick punt attempt in the 3rd quarter in their game against the New England Patriots on Sunday night.
It was 4th and 3 from their own 37 yard line.
The Colts sent out the punting unit and the formation quickly changed to a hodgepodge of Colts in a bunch on o…

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