PHILADELPHIA ( — Talk about a cliche, the star quarterback went to high school with Miss America.

Carson Wentz said it was "cool" that the new Miss America credited the Eagles signal caller with inspiring her.

Both graduated from Bismarck, North Dakota’s Century High School, Wentz one year ahead of the fetching Cara Mund, who became the first Ms. North Dakota to win the big prize in Atlantic City on Sunday.

“If Carson Wentz can do it, Miss North Dakota Cara Mund can become Miss America,” the 23-year-old Brown University graduate said.

“That was pretty cool," Wentz said at his locker on Wednesday. "Obviously Cara, I knew her a little bit in high school. It’s really cool for her. I don’t normally follow Miss America too much, but obviously, now I’ve heard all about it. It’s pretty cool for Bismarck, for Century High School.”

Wentz is, of course, a big celebrity in the “Roughrider State” but he joked that he already got a call from a friend saying his old news in Bismarck now thanks to Mund.

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