There have been a plethora of quarterbacks that have already changed team, but there are still plenty of teams that need to find one.

One of those teams is the Indianapolis Colts, who traded 2021 starter Carson Wentz to Washington last week, and one signal caller they could have their eye on is Eagles backup Gardner Minshew, according to Jason La Confora of CBS Sports.

The Eagles added Minshew for a conditional sixth-round pick in a trade with Jacksonville before the 2021 season. He ended up starting two games for Philadelphia, throwing for 439 yards, four touchdowns and just one interception, completing 68.3% of his passes.

Minshew name came up in trade talks last season with the Carolina Panthers, according to Ian Rapoport, who wrote the Eagles could be looking for a mid-round pick at that time.

Most teams view Minshew as at least a bridge starter with upside; at worst he's a high-level backup. Could he generate at least a mid-round pick, giving the Eagles an upgrade considering what they gave up in compensation? Perhaps.

If they could flip Minshew for a mid-round pick, the Eagles would likely make that move, but would need to find a serviceable backup to replace him.  He is one of the top backups in the NFL and on a very manageable contract for the 2022 season.

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