(Photo: Dave O'Sullivan, Glory Days Magazine)
(Photo: Dave O'Sullivan, Glory Days Magazine)

Cedar Creek wide receiver Ahmir Mitchell has committed to the University of Michigan to play football per a video produced by the Bleacher Report and Tyler Donahue.

"It feels good," Mitchell admitted on the South Jersey Sports Report. "It feels like a lot of weight if off my shoulders.  Now i'm just relaxed and focusing on the season."

The video, which took two days to film, showed clips of Mitchell waking up early to workout, and finally showed him on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City looking at an airplane that had a banner attached that said "Go Blue" - indicating his decision to attend Michigan.

Mitchell said the reaction to the video was pretty cool from his Cedar Creek teammates.

"They all liked the video," Mitchell said.  "It was the first time they had ever seen someone commit using a plane."

The current high school senior has been a standout at Cedar Creek for the past three seasons and will join the class of 2016 heading to Ann Arbor next fall. It was a tough decision for Mitchell who narrowed his choices to just two Big Ten rivals: Michigan and Ohio State.

Mitchell, who didn't even tell his mother about where he was going, hosted a party in Mays Landing in front of family, friends and reporters when he donned a famous Wolverine cap with a big yellow "M" insignia.

"He kept this secret from everyone," Bell explained.  "From his coaches, his older brother, from myself as well, we found out the same time you guys found out.  But I was excited when he pulled at the hat that said Michigan, it was very rewarding."

"I only went once (to see Michigan)," Bell said.  "I was sold."

(Listen to Ahmir Mitchell's mom, April Bell discuss his decision to pick Michigan)

"It wasn't to hard to keep it a secret," Mitchell explained.  "Im pretty good at keeping secrets, but I was kind of tempted to tell my brother (Damon), but it was a big surprise for everyone and I enjoyed doing it in front of friends and family."

This isn't the first member of the Mitchell family to make a major college choice, two years ago, Ahmir's brother, Damon, who played quarterback at Cedar Creek and plays wide out for the university of Arkansas, announced he was going to play for the Razorbacks where he is entering his sophomore year.

"I relied on my brother a lot," Mitchell said.  "From his experience going through it, being able to learn from his trials coming through the recruiting process, I look to him for help throughout the process."

"We knew more things to look for, more questions to ask," Bell said about what she learned about the process from her older son Damon.  "You want people who seem to be honest, it is a business, the politics of it can be rough. Ahmir knew what to look for after watching what Damon went through."

Mitchell, 6'3 and 205 pounds, is a dynamic playmaker and will surely add some offensive power to a new offense implemented by former NFL head coach Jim Harbaugh.

"After talking with Coach Harbaugh, he was a great guy," Bell said about what attracted her to Michigan.  I just loved his sincerity and his passion to want to help Ahmir grow at his craft and further his football career.  He was very excited just talking about him (Ahmir), and the things he wants to do for him and work with him and that put me over the top."

Now that this decision is behind Mitchell, he can begin focusing on this season, working on finishing up his senior year, he carries a 3.5 grade-point-average, and graduating from Cedar Creek.

"With this decision made, I can focus on grinding with my brothers and trying to get a State championship," Mitchell said.  "We wanna see December 5th."

December 5th is the date of the Southern New Jersey State Group II title game.

Mitchell is rated as the 90th best prospect in the country.

(Listen to Ahmir Mitchell discuss his decision to pick Michigan on the South Jersey Sports Report)


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