A new logo will be center court this basketball season for the Ocean City Red Raiders.

According to OCNJ Daily, the new logo will be phased in over time with new uniforms and other purchases.

Known as the "Red Raiders" the high school has gone through various changes to it's logo during the years and it seems that the school district has finally settled on one.

A Cumberland County native artist was shown putting the final touches on the redesigned logo on the floor of the Dixie Howell Gymnasium.

Derek Nicholas, Vineland, is a freelance artist who has been pin-striping and sign-painting for years and was commissioned by the school district to paint the new logo on the gymnasium floor. Nicholas painted the floor of the auxiliary gymnasium last year and he impressed folks so much so that he was invited back to paint the new logo on the main gymnasium floor.

The OCHS basketball team is set to begin conference play in December.

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