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Here is today’s show: Thursday October 25th, 2012.

KC Joyner

The football scientist KC Joyner calls in every Thursday at 2:30 to talk some Eagles with Mike and Todd. In this Sunday's game against the Falcons, Joyner isn't quite sure that the undefeated record out of the bye will stand. However, if Todd Bowles can find a way to slow down Matt Ryan and the passing game, they might have a shot.

Jeff Pasquino

Jeff Pasquino, Footballguys.com sets your fantasy lineup for Week 8 in the NFL season. Studs, duds, starts, sits, and waiver wire gems are all here!

Chris Mortensen

Chris Mortensen, NFL Insider for ESPN talked with Mike and Todd about the state of the Eagles and what might the reaction be if Andy Reid lost to the Falcons for the first time coming out of a bye week. Mort said the season wouldn't be lost if Reid were to lose, but thinks that Reid is certainly in trouble if things don't turn around. Follow Mortensen on Twitter.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL boos for Asante Samuel?

2. BUY or SELL Tim Tebow as most overrated?

3. BUY or SELL Frakenstorm?

Who to Root For

With the Eagles at 3-3 coming out of the bye week Mike and Todd go over the NFL schedule for Week 8 of the season and telling you who to root for if you're an Eagles fan. For instance, the 3-3 Cowboys play the 5-2 Giants team on Sunday while the 4-3 Seahawks play a 2-4 Lions team. There are 10 games left for the Eagles and 9 of them are against NFC teams.

Top Tweets

It's a Thursday edition of Top Tweets!

5 Questions

1. Some players are blaming Juan Castillo, others are defending him so who is telling the truth?

2. Will hurricane impact the game?

3. Will the fans boo Asante Samuel?

4. World Series Game 2?

5. Favorite pasta?

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