Says the man who can't muster for himself a defense. Which isn't to say he didn't try.

Because while it might be bright to try and sidestep a league fine for bashing Brendan Shanahan's ruling, that he miss tonight's elimination Game 5 of the NHL's Eastern Conference Semis against New Jersey (up 3 games to 1 on Philly), it's not nearly as gratifying. Especially not for a guy who, as the vidjeo shows, is saltier than a tin of pissed off Planter's. No, after you've already cost your team your services for Game 5 Tuesday, it doesn't make a whole lotta sense slap yourself with a surcharge for popping off about it. At least not to us.

But hey, we is not G.

How'd he play it?

Said Giroux: "Obviously I've seen it and, uh, I'm not too sure what to say."

Other than not-so-subtly suggest that he shouldn't have gotten tagged. Of course!!!

Said Giroux: "I mean, it's hard to say what's a suspension or not. Obviously, I hit his head with my shoulder. But, still think I didn't jump or -- my elbow was down. That wasn't my intention, to hit his head.

"Obviously, it's disappointing to see that I can't go on the ice and help the guys win this game tonight. But all I gotta do now is focus for Game 6."

And pray that it happens. And that, if it does, he can better curb his childishness.