Although he may not have been the Eagles first choice for their Head Coach Opening back in January of 2016, Doug Pederson has proven to be the right choice as the franchise won it's first Super Bowl Championship in just Pederson's second season.  In his first 33 games, Pederson has a winning percentage of 63.6% while changing the culture of an organization that was in a bad place at the end of a Chip Kelly era.

ESPN NFL Analyst Mike Clay joined Josh Hennig on Saturday and talked about the importance of Doug Pederson to the Eagles organization:

"(Eagles) can deal with some injuries, they can deal with some suspensions because you have Doug Pederson giving them an edge over most of the rest of the NFL with his decision making. You could call it play calling, you could call it personnel use, you can call it the position you put the players in...he’s doing things that give them an edge every single week.  You can be a step behind a team in terms of talent and still win games because you are playing smarter and right now, until the rest of the league catches up, the Eagles are probably in the top five, maybe the top seven, in terms of having that edge, and that’s not going to change going forward - I don’t see why anything would change; He’s gonna keep going for it on fourth (down) and designing these plays that maximize production. So yeah, call it whatever you want, but they absolutely have an edge because of Doug Pederson.”

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