The Founder and Chairman of the Philadelphia Flyers Ed Snider passed away early Monday morning and the emotions resulting from his passing are still very fresh. Flyers Radio Analyst Steve Coates spoke Tuesday afternoon about some of his thoughts on the late, great Ed Snider:

"When you look back at it, (Ed Snider) was a spectacular guy. And he was a man that, as much as I was terrified when I first met him, after 35 years of working for him we were friends, he's a great guy. When it was time for business it was going to be business, let me tell you, you never walked away wondering what he meant. Wouldn't matter how long you worked for him or what you did for him if he didn't like you he was going to tell you. But on the other hand if you won and you did a good job you were rewarded for it too."

Coates went on to elaborate on how Ed Snider was the sole force behind the origins of the Flyers and their culture in Philadelphia:

Bruce Bennett

"I think when you take a look at his career where he invested and took risk of two million, that's all it was two million, on the initial six team (NHL) expansion back in 1967. And it was a tough go for him because they didn't do very well. But then all of a sudden he decided, he took it upon himself cause the St. Louis Blues came in and beat the hell out of his team, that he wasn't going to let that happen again. And that's how the Broad Street Bullies were born. And he's the guy that created the culture here, he's the guy that created what everybody was striving for, that was winning and being at the top of the heap."

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