He may no longer play for the Phillies, Cole Hamels is still very popular among Phillies fans, and a big part of the teams past success.

Hamels will always be remembered as a key member of the 2008 Word Series team, being named MVP of both the NLCS and World Series.


MLB.com named the best player for each team over the 2010’s, naming Hamels as the Philadelphia Phillies’ Best Player of the Decade.

"A disparate decade, one that looked dramatically different at several different moments in time, ends with fans hoping the next one goes better than this one did," MLB.com writes


The website says: “When you think of the last decade of baseball for each of these teams, these are the guys you’ll think of.”

Hamels best seasons came in 2011, going 14-9 with a 2.79 and 2012 when he went 17-6 with a 3.05 ERA.

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