With the MLB Trade Deadline just over four weeks away, many expect the Phillies to be active participants this year.  With a day off on Thursday, their record stands at 26-51 and GM Matt Klentak has plenty of decisions to make about the roster that will impact the present and future of the franchise.  So who could the Phillies trade by July 31st?

Philly Voice Phillies Beat Writer Ryan Lawrence joined The Sports Bash on Thursday and answered who he thinks is available via trade this year:

"I think that anybody on the Phillies roster is available, even the young guys that still have promise. Those guys are attractive to other teams; another team might think 'yeah it’s a change of scenery, plus its someone whose not making a whole lot of money, we have club control.'  That’s a big deal when say a small market team like Pittsburgh and Miami, they like guys that are younger and they don’t have to pay them yet and they can have on the roster for 4-5 years and control them in free agency. A guy like (Maikel Franco), sure he’s available, I’m not sure why he wouldn’t be.  I'm not saying they’re actively looking to trade him but with any of your guys you’re always gauging the value because at some point there might be a guy you think you wanna trade but he might be more valuable to another team. If another team wants to give something that you think is of value in terms of return then yeah consider it."

Hear what Lawrence had to say about what value the Phillies could get for Howie Kendrick, expectations for the money the Phillies could spend the next couple offseasons in Free Agency and more Baseball talk

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