Four years ago, Eagles coach Chip Kelly recruited a quarterback to come play for the University of Oregon - that quarterback is in this year's draft class.

That quarterback decided not to play at Oregon, that quarterback decided to play at UCLA.

That quarterback is Brett Hundley.

Hundley, 21, completed 72.1% of his passes in his junior year at UCLA, compiling 2,547 yards and 17 touchdowns in 10 games for the team. He added another 564 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground.

"He has the tools to be a really good starting quarterback in the NFL," Scott Wright, president of told me on the Sports Bash.  "But taking him in the first round, I think that would be a huge mistake, I have him going in the third round in my mock draft, but I can see someone taking him in round two if they are desperate.  But in Chip Kelly's system he might be a better fit than most."

The 6-foot-3, 226-pound Hundley is a good fit for Kelly's offense, he's a dual-threat quarterback who added 10 rushing touchdowns this past season for the Bruins.

"You can make an argument that he's a top 10 overall type of talent," Wright acknowledged. "He has that type of high-end starting quarterback upside. But he's just very inconsistent and very rough around the edges - he's very much a project."

The Eagles already have two veteran quarterbacks on the roster, Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez, plus Matt Barkley, but Hundley could draw the interest of the club.

"Well assuming the Eagles are still interested in bringing in another quarterback I think Brett Hundley would be a great fit in the second or third round," Wright said.  "If they're not sold (on their current QB's), I think Hundley would be a great developmental quarterback."

(Listen to NFL Draft Expert Scott Wright, President of on the Sports Bash)

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