In 1978, the Phillies teamed with Harrison/Erickson Incorporated to create what would become one of the most famous and beloved mascots in sports - the Phillie Phanatic.

When it came to working out a contract, H/E asked for a larger percentage of the money the Phanatic brought in, and the last renegotiation took place in 1984. According to Deadspin (who broke down the lawsuit deeper than I will) the Phillies claim the 1984 contract gave them rights to the character and costume "forever", but H/E wants to void that contract and work on a new one, threatening to take the Phanatic to another team if the Phillies don't pay up.

The Yankees have always been my team, but when I was younger I felt like I should have a "National League Team To Root For", and I went for the Phillies (never even considered the Mets). As I got older, my distaste for for the entire Philadelphia sports culture grew, and the Phils became an enemy. There isn't much venom towards them, I'm just not a fan. Anyway, the Phanatic is awesome, and even though he broke my sunglasses once at a BlueClaws game, I still enjoy him, and couldn't imagine him wearing a Mets or a Rockies or a Mariners or any other jersey.

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