One of the biggest problems for the Philadelphia Eagles this season has been their much maligned offensive line. It has suffered three season ending injuries and hasn't given the quarterback much time to survey the field.

On "The Player's Show" offensive guard Danny Watkins was our co-host.

Watkins has missed the last few games due to a chronic ankle problem and he said it "pains him to see the team losing and he's not able to be out there and help out," he said on 97.3 ESPN FM.

Watkins admitted that the season hasn't gone to his liking and perhaps he and his teammates need to look in the mirror and realize what's happening.

"We're 3-6 and maybe we were too confident, or maybe we need to spend more time in the film room," Watkins said.

Watkins also discussed coach Andy Reid and his job security for the remainder of the season.

"We as players know what's about to come down. Not only are we playing for ourselves, but now we know that we are playing for coach Reid."

Some interesting comments here as the Eagles get ready to play the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Watkins was a teammate with RGIII at Baylor for two seasons.

Watkins didn't shy away from throwing that word "elite" when talking about the rookie phenom, either.

"You're going to see in a few seasons that RGIII is an elite QB at this level," Watkins told the guys.

In the third segment Todd Ranck likes to ask our player random and "think fast" type questions in order to keep everyone's mind of the 3-6 Eagles and tons of laughter ensues.

Finally, Watkins addressed the infamous sign that was visible at the Linc on Sunday and reiterated that the team has not quit on Andy Reid and that it's time to achieve some results.


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