The Eagles added several potential impact players this offseason via Free Agency and the NFL Draft to upgrade the roster heading into the 2017 season.  The move that was arguably the biggest and most important was the addition of Alshon Jeffery.  The 27 year old Wide Receiver has two seasons in his five year NFL career with over 1,100 Receiving Yards and at least Seven Touchdowns while for his career he averages 15 Yards per Reception.  Listed at 6'3" and 218 pounds, Jeffery is arguably the most talented big play Receiver to wear an Eagles uniform since Terrell Owens.

Turron Davenport of USA Today Eagles Wire joined The Sports Bash on Friday with his perspective on Jeffery's impact on the Eagles' offense for the 2017 season:

"He changes the game a lot for the offense because now you have that guy that’s open when he’s covered. It was pretty cool in the locker room- I went over to Alshon and talked....He’s the type of guy, when he’s covered he’s still open. As far as what he does in dictating coverage, that’s going to open up so much for the guys underneath. You’ve got Torrey Smith who is going to get that one on one coverage on the backside that will help (the Eagles) too. So it’s definitely a good presence for them and he’s going to help. Even if he doesn’t catch 100 footballs, he’s going to help because he’s going to allow other guys to get that one on one coverage."

Checkout what Davenport had to say about the Eagles Secondary, progression of rookies, development of Nelson Agholor, and more from Eagles Mini Camp.

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