One of the greatest moments in Pro Bowl history happened on Sunday night.

Since most of you probably were to busy reorganizing your closet or watching reruns of a bad sitcom from 1990, here's a solid from the worst NFL game of the season.

The game was out of reach by the 4th quarter with Team Irvin beating Team Rice 49-27 when out of nowhere Richard Sherman tries to RKO Clay Matthews after the conclusion of the play.

Don't ask me why a Seattle Seahawks defender was on the field at the same time as a Green Bay Packers defender--wearing opposing uniforms, but it's the Pro Bowl.

Matthews could have done a better job selling the WWE finishing move, I would have liked to seen a reversal into a devastating F-5 or even a Rock Bottom, but effort is few and far between when it comes to the Pro Bowl.

Take a look:

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