After three weeks it appeared the Eagles defense was going to be one of the things you could hang your hat on this season.  Jim Schwartz's defense was pressuring the quarterback, stopping the run and overall was a big reason the team was having success.

The past two weeks have been a different story.

The Lions started, and the Redskins picked up on some trends, but one major issue outlined this week was poor tackling.

"We need to redeem ourselves from last week when it comes to linebacker play from some angles and some missed tackles and some bad technique," Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz explained.

Tacking has been a problem, but so has lack of pressure on the quarterback.  The Eagles have the lowest blitz percentage in the league, something that might have to change, but Eagles head coach Doug Pederson didn't sound like he thought that was a high priority - just yet.

"If I felt like it was a necessary thing to do," Pederson said. "Again, we won't panic over one football game. Because our pass rush -- we know what type of guys we have up front. We know [DT] Fletcher [Cox] can be disruptive. We know [DE] Brandon Graham can come off the edge and bend the edge, along with [DE] Vinny [Curry] and [DE] Connor [Barwin]."

"It's one game; it's one little setback. If this were the third, fourth, fifth game in a row, maybe then you have to reevaluate. But, hey, we’ve just got to get ready for this game and continue the process. We have a process [and] a plan in place and we'll continue to stick to that."

But one thing is for sure, Pederson is taking notice.

As Paolantonio told me this week during 'Sal Pal Friday' Pederson admitted he sat in a meeting room with Schwartz this week, going through every snap together - something he had not done during the previous weeks.

In this weeks edition of 'Sal Pal Friday' we discussed the Eagles blitz, poor tacking and more as they get ready for the Minnesota Vikings.