From snow to summer, help wanted signs seemingly outnumbering seagulls, and a rainbow on the 4th of July, do you remember these sights from the Ocean City Boardwalk in 2021?

Just about everyone will agree that it was nice "getting back to normal" (whatever "normal" happens to be these days) in 2021. Compared to what we went through last year, this year was a total opposite (relatively speaking).

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In terms of Ocean City, the year started with not much snow, then we got a bunch in February. Memorial Day was busy, but it seemed like no one wanted to work. The summer flew by in the blink of an eye (like it always does). Local summer was terrific (like it always is). And now we're counting down the last few days before clocks go back an hour and the sun disappears every evening wayyyyyyyyyyy too early.

I was thumbing through pictures on my phone the other night and I happened to see a bunch that I've taken over the past ten months...

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