NBA Free Agency officially begins June 30th at 6pm EST and there is a great amount of uncertainty for the 76ers with their two biggest acquisitions of last season hitting the open market.  Reports are that Tobias Harris is fully invested in evaluating his options as he will take Free Agent meetings on both coasts which certainly would make Sixers fans nervous about him returning to Philadelphia.  The combination of Tobias Harris being in high demand around the league, the ambiguity of what Jimmy Butler really wants with his NBA future, along with speculation that the Sixers could have a Free Agency meeting with Kawhi Leonard, 76ers fans heads are spinning with the plethora of possibilities for the makeup of the roster for the 2019-20 season.

Basketball Society Senior NBA Writer Brandon "ScoopB" Robinson joined Harry Mayes and Eytan Shander on Monday with his perspective on the 76ers and Tobias Harris:

"When you talk about Tobias Harris, a team...a team you should pay attention to for Tobias Harris is the Utah Jazz. - Tobias is in a good situation because he could fit in any system. I think that Elton Brand has his hands full as far as what the next move is.  I spoke to Elton a couple weeks ago and he told me 'Man I’m laying low until after the draft and free agency' just because there are so many What Ifs and dominoes that can fall for Philadelphia. - This is my personal opinion, I would love to see Kemba Walker in Philadelphia rather than any other team."

Checkout what Robinson told Mayes and Eytan about Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, and more on NBA Free Agency.

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