The Philadelphia Eagles defense has been one of the top units in the NFL this season.

The give up the second fewest yards per game (304.4), passing yards per game (183.6) and are ninth in the NFL in points per game (19.6). They have created a league best 23 turnovers this season and are third in the NFL with 36 sacks.

"I think if you look at the statistics, the Eagles defense has been more than sufficient," said former Eagles safety and two-time Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins on The Sports Bash.

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"They get better every week and when they get exposed on something, they address that," Jenkins added. "By the time they get to the playoffs, I don't think there will be any concerns on how good this defense will be."

However, the old phrase the numbers never lie, still don't seem to have Eagles fans convinced that when push comes to shove, the Eagles defense is along the best in the league.

One complaint we often hear from fans is that the team doesn't blitz enough.

So I asked Jenkins if he thinks Jonathan Gannon needs to blitz more.

"I don't," Jenkins told me on The Sports Bash .

"I see a front that can get pressure with just four guys. So if I can get to your quarterback with four players, then I can have more players in the pass, its simple mathematics," Jenkins laughed.

Jenkins added that if he didn't think the Eagles could get to the quarterback with their defensive front, than yes, he would suggest the team needs to blitz more, but he doesn't see that as the case with this team.

"You ask any coordinator worth their salt, if they can get pressure with four, they would rather that than have to blitz.  Whenever you blitz, you take a guy out of coverage, you put more exposure on the back end, its a greater chance for big plays."

He offered that blitzing is for teams that generally don't have top level defensive lines, and need to manufacturer pressure.

As for what he is doing now?  Well with starting safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson out indefinitely with a lacerated kidney, would Jenkins consider a return to the field if Howie Roseman came calling?

"I would listen," Jenkins stated. "Everyone likes a great comeback story, but I'm not currently writing one. Those conversations are not currently being had right now."

He said watching players like Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh return to the field doesn't motive him to return and while he enjoys watching the games as a fan, it sounded like he would at least leave the door open if the Eagles came calling.

Jenkins is in town for The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation, which has an event in Philadelphia tonight at XFINITY LIVE! at 6 p.m. For tickets click here.

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