Phillies President of Baseball operations Dave Dombrowski has a lot of work to do this offseason and he knows it.

One message that is clear is that Dombrowski is hoping that 25-year old Alec Bohm is the teams third baseman next season.

After finishing second in the 2020 Rookie of the Year race, Bohm struggled at the plate, hitting just .245 with seven home runs and 47 RBI in 115 big league games.

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"Bohm didn't have a good year this year," Dombrowski acknowledged. "We need to get him back on track."

As a rookie, Bohm hit .338 with four home runs and 23 RBI in just 44 games and the team is hoping he can get back to that kind of production, that made him the No. 3 overall pick in the MLB draft.

Another area Bohm is going to need to improve is defensively, he struggled mightily at third base, with 18 errors on the season in just 115 games.

"I think you have to give Bohm a little big of a break," Dombrowski said. "He's a young guy that's improving, he hasn't played all that much. He's a hard worker and its up to us to continue to make him better. We've got some things we think will help him. I don't think he's going to be a Gold Glove third baseman, but he can be solid over there."

"His key is he has to hit, if he hits well enough, you'll live with the defensive aspect of it."

Dombrowski said the team has already begun working with Bohm to try and help make him a better defensive third baseman.  He said while Bohm might play some first base, they want him to focus solely on getting better at third for the upcoming season.

"Our goal is to make Bohm better at third base," Dombrowski stated.


When asked if there was any thought of moving Bohm to left field, Dombrowski quickly shot that down.

"No. He won't do any outfield," Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski reiterated that they view Bohm as their Opening Day third baseman.

"That's what we're hoping for," Dombrowski said.

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