The popular website Deadspin has been doing team preview for all 32 NFL teams in anticipation of the 2013 NFL season.

Today Drew Magary outlined why this years version of the Philadelphia Eagles will 'suck.'

An excerpt from the article:

It's never a wise idea to entrust a new, hopelessly complex offensive scheme that requires lightning-fast decision making and surgically precise execution to someone with the brainpower of Michael Vick. Michael Vick needs a playbook just to reheat soup. The fact that this team has suffered so many preseason injuries at wideout that they had to keep Riley Cooper around after he publicly dropped an n-bomb isn't a good sign. You shouldn't NEED Riley Cooper.

Once Vick gets hurt, the Eagles will be left with Nick Foles, presumably unwanted by Kelly. I imagine Foles looks at Kevin Kolb's career path and thinks to himself, "Yup, that pretty much looks like how this is gonna play out for me." Oh, and Matt Barkley is here! The Jimmy Clausen of USC quarterbacks. Wait until you see him get sent out for slaughter in Week 12. It's gonna be a blast. The Eagles were so eager to start fresh that they brought in Kelly to install an offense for which they have virtually no good personnel, and GM Howie Roseman brought in 5,000 defensive free agents (Kenny Phillips, Cary Williams, Connor Barwin, Patrick Chung, Isaac Sopoaga, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason) in a desperate re-enactment of the Eagles summer of 2011. Remember that? When they signed Nnamdi and Jason Babin and then Andy Reid put his offensive line coach in charge of them? God, that was remarkable.

The article also points out the 12 worst Eagles of all time and no surprise Freddie Mitchell topped the list.

1. Freddie Mitchell

2. Mike Mamula

3. Tim Harris

4. Terrell Owens

5. Stacy and Shawn Andrews

7. Nnamdi Asomugha

8. Juan Castillo

9. Bobby Hoying

10. Jerry Williams

11. Danny Watkins

12. Todd Pinkston

To read the entire article as to why the Philadelphia Eagles will suck in 2013, click here.