With the NFL combine underway, NFL Draft talk is starting to heat up.

The Eagles are in desperate need for a game-breaking wide receiver, and this seems to be the perfect draft for them to add depth, with a deep group of talented wide outs not only in the first round, but throughout the draft.

While Clemson's Mike Williams might be the top pass catcher in this draft, he seems to be on a tier of his own - a big, physical, No. 1 go-to target.

"If he were there for the Eagles in round one, I think he would be a dream candidate for them," Scott Wright, President of Draftdountdown.com said on The Sports Bash.

The next name on the list would be Corey Davis of Western Michigan, but Wright says for the Eagles it should be Williams or bust if you're taking a wide receiver at No. 14.

"If I couldn't get Mike Williams, I'd rather wait on a receiver," Wright explained.

After you get past the top five of the group, you start to get into guys who will have more specialized roles . Guys like Malachi Dupre, Chad Hansen, and Noah Brown are three names to watch after the top group of guys are off the board.

Talking Friday on the Sports Bash, USA Today Eagles Wire reporter Turron Davenport, added a couple of other names to keep an eye on after the first round names.

“Oh there’s plenty of depth," Davenport said when asked about the wide receiver position. 

Davenport mentions:

  • Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M - "He’s someone that stretches the field, he’s not a burner, he is a track guy he ran the hurdles but you know he’s not someone that generates instant speed on the line, but you allow him to build up that speed and before you know it he will build up that cushion run by a defensive back, stack him and make that deep catch that you want him to make.

  • K.D. Cannon, Baylor -  everybody has got this craze of Kenny Stills, but KD Cannon is a similar player in that he could do well on the outside as a guy who is just around six feet he can excel down the field that way and bump a side and do things from the slot so he’s another one to look at.

  • Carlos Henderson, Louisiana Tech - "You’re talking about ultra explosive player."
  • Isaiah Ford, Virginia Tech - He's big boy about 6’2 right around 200 pounds and he’s a down the field threat and he’s a guy at Virginia tech that really stood out, you know I think he’s a really good player. You can probably get him in the third round I don’t care how he runs here I know when you turn on the tape and you see him go down the field he does the things you need him to do as far s attacking the football, he’s very similar to a Alshon Jeffery type of receiver, you know one of those guys you just throw the contested catch to you know the contested ball and let him go up and get it.”

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