The people have spoken.

The Eagles and Giants Monday Night Football game absolutely obliterated Major League Baseball in the television ratings.

The NFL game, which airs on ESPN, garnered over 13 million viewers in a game that shouldnt have been very entertaining for anyone outside the New York and Philadelphia areas.

The ALCS, on the other hand, featured a Canadian team and a Midwest team not named the St. Louis Cardinals. That garnered just over 3 million viewers.

As Sports TV Ratings points out on their website, ESPN has crushed FOX Sports 1 in the television ratings no matter who is playing.

The NLDS and NLCS has been airing on TBS which is not a primary sport network so that has not been factored in the sports ratings. According to their data, TBS beat ESPN in the overall cable rankings.

ESPN also had the advantage last night in airing a special exclusive Star Wars trailer during the game at halftime. Although, Rich Porter reports that no massive ratings spike occurred.

AUTHORS NOTE: Obviously, the NFL is as hot as ever and doesnt plan on taking a back seat to any of the three other major sports. Fantasy football and gambling influences will always play a major role in their ratings whether the NFL likes to admit it or not.

Thursday Night Football boasts another non sexy game on paper between the Seahawks and 49ers. MLB will have the NLCS Game 5 (if necessary) between the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets.

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