PHILADELPHIA ( — There is probably something to the fact that the two best celebration teams in football -- the Eagles and Minnesota Vikings -- happen to be at the top of the table in the NFC.

When you have success in the NFL, you feel like celebrating.

The Vikings created their latest GIF on Thanksgiving Day when they sat down for a little Turkey dinner in the end zone at Ford Field so Philadelphia responded in a big way on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, first playing a little bowling after an Alshon Jeffery TD before setting social media ablaze with the Electric Slide after intercepting overmatched rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in a 31-3 rout.

Everyone was amused by the wedding staple. Well, almost everyone.

"I’m here to block the defensive front and get yards. We got negative-6 yards [actually plus-six] today," Bears OG Kyle Long told ESPN. "I could give two s@#%&s about their celebration. If they want to go on Dancing with the Stars, that’s great for them."

The Eagles defenders hatched the plan in practice and broke it out prematurely when Rasul Douglas seemingly latched on to an INT that was ultimately overturned.

The rookie then broke up another pass that Corey Graham corralled and the Tom Bergeron grabbed the mic to introduce the dance:

It was just the latest feel good moment in a special season that has already featured mimed home runs, the Backpack Kid Dance and backsplashes.

“I just show up and try to figure out what the heck we’re doing," Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz said. "We don’t plan anything, but I think the defense plans theirs as you can see. But it’s cool to see everyone out there having fun. You can see everyone jumping in them and joining, and that’s just the brotherhood that we have right now. It’s a blast.”

There was another guy, however, who wasn't exactly having a blast with the extensiveness of the choreography and this one wasn't in the Bears' locker room.

It was Doug Pederson.

"They need to hurry up and get off the field before we get a penalty, a delay of game or something, because the clock is running," the coach said. "I mean, listen, I let them -- I think it's great. I think it's great that they can show the excitement, the enthusiasm, and they are doing it with their teammates. It's not about one guy, which this team has really embraced that. It's a team effort and it is fun to see on a Monday, not on a Sunday afternoon."

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