You know we're getting back to normal a bit when, in the first game fans are allowed back inside the Linc to watch the Eagles, a fist fight breaks out.

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No one should have been brawling at yesterday's Philadelphia Eagles football game against the Baltimore Ravens. They should have been BALLING crying that we're now 1-4-1 for the season. It was another tough loss.

But, no. Instead, in perfect Philly sports fan fashion, a guy jumped over rows of seats at Lincoln Financial Field to start whaling on someone wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey.

We're not quite sure how it all got started, but in the video below, posted to YouTube by user Ethan jt, you can hear a woman screaming and trying to break up the fight. It appears several different men jump in on the action, punching the Ravens fan. The best part is that it must have happened right after the birds scored a touchdown, because you can hear the Eagles victory song playing in the background.

Sunday was the first game of the Eagles 2020 season where fans were invited to sit in the stands and watch. Attendance was limited, so one would think that the probability of fights breaking out would be lower. But this is Philly after all, and I can't say I'm shocked.

Although the Eagles battled back in the 4th quarter, they ultimately suffered their fourth loss, losing to the Ravens 31-28. They'll face the Giants this coming Thursday night at the Linc, so there's no chance anyone will be better behaved.

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