Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is taking a road trip across the state on Thursday night.

Roseman will be sitting in the Heinz Field press box to watch Pittsburgh Panthers signal caller Kenny Pickett face off with North Carolina's Sam Howell.

Pickett and Howell are two of the top rated quarterback in the 2022 draft class and while the Eagles are still evaluating what they have in Jalen Hurts, it appears they aren't adverse to checking out what might be behind door No. 2.

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The 2022 quarterback class is not rated nearly as well as some of the recent classes, but both of these quarterbacks are worth taking a closer look at in person.

Hurts has made it difficult for the Eagles brass to make a decision, he flashes brilliance at times and misses throws that leave you wondering at other times, like the two throws on Sunday that he referenced after the game against the Chargers.

"On the throw to DeVonta Smith I was expecting something else and ended up getting out the pocket and made a throw kind of back peddling," Hurts described. "Maybe I didn’t need to do that. I ended up leading him too much. It’s just a missed opportunity in my eyes."

"And then I think about the opening drive to Eagles TE Dallas Goedert. I couldn’t really follow through with my throw and couldn’t finish through it. Maybe I could have gotten deeper in the pocket. Knowing that they were bringing five, it‘s kind of hard to block man-on-man sometimes. It’s something I’m going to learn from, but I look at it as a missed opportunity for me regardless of [it being] late in the game, what that looks like and putting us in a position to go in. It’s about what you didn’t do.”

Those are the type of misses that might stick out when the Eagles make their evaluations moving forward, but then he makes plays like he did in the fourth quarter, leading the team down the field to score and tying the game up at 24-24.

"He was a stud. He was a big-time stud," Eagles head coach NIck Sirianni said.

"I think they had a blitz zero on him the last play. Jalen ended up, we all saw that, ended up getting to a play and Jalen ended up doing great communication to tell everybody what the play was and just fired a strike to Smith."

"He just was really unfazed by the scenario and just showed a lot of poise. Down seven everything in his eyes said put it on me and let's go, let's keep running the ball, let's keep play-action it, make sure we are converting on third down. And he made some unbelievable plays on third down. That play where he jumped over top and did the flip, I think if we had won that game that would be a play they showed over Philly for a long time. He just was really composed in a tight situation. That's what you want out of your quarterbacks. That's what I've seen out of good quarterbacks in my past."

In 13 career starts, Hurts sports a 4-9 record, tossing for 3,042 yards and 17 touchdowns and eight interceptions, completing just 58.2% of his passes.  He has added 848 yards rushing and eight touchdowns.

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