Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham was one of many bright spots from the Eagles Week 1 win over the Washington Redskins, and Pro Football Focus agrees.

Graham was a beast, with four total tackles in the game (three solo), two sacks, three tackles for loss and a forced fumble. Not only did Graham score the second-highest grade among all edge rushers — his PFF grade was the highest on the Eagles.

The 29-year-old impressed defensive coordinato Jim Schwartz with his play.

“There were a couple things with Brandon: First, he had the two sacks, including a strip. He actually stripped the ball on another one. The other one, the ball was out before it got to the ground. It really didn't matter. They got on it quick.

But he had two tackles for losses, so he was still good in the run game, particularly early in the game was [a] big play [on] second and 11. The other thing is [he] forced a holding penalty. We talked about that. We didn't do a great job in coverage, and the ball got over the top, even though the guy dropped it. If he had caught it, that was coming back because Brandon had forced a holding penalty.

Those go a little bit below the radar. You force a quarterback into intentional grounding; you force an offensive lineman into a hold. Good players can do those kinds of things, and Brandon is a good player.”

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