Many draft analysts considered Washington running back Chris Polk one of the top running backs in the draft. Some projected the former Husky to be as high as a second-round pick, listed Polk as the sixth best running back in the draft.

Instead, Polk had to sign with the Eagles after he went undrafted.

It seems that teams were turned off by health concerns, not questions about Polk's production or ability.

We all like to agree or disagree with what we hear from guys like Mel Kiper or Todd McShay but I think people missed the boat on Polk.

Polk was the second most productive running back in the history of the University of Washington, he's a guy with tremendous versatility, a guy that many draft experts pegged as a second or third round pick and listed as one of the top 100 prospects.

How does a guy who entered the draft with those type of draft grades not even get drafted?

You can talk about all the other running back that didn't get drafted, his poor senior bowl, but most of all Polk was selected in the draft because of the injuries.

If you talk to some NFL people they will tell you that Polk failed his physical coming out of the combine.  He has a degenerative hip and a problematic shoulder that required surgery that teams became leery of in terms of his durability and thats why he wasn't taken in the draft.

It wasn't that better running backs were taken ahead of Polk in the draft, with the skill-set that Polk has he is one of the top 100 players in the county.  If Polk is 100-percent healthy, he is a second or third round pick.

So the Eagles will see that they have in Polk when they get to trying camp.  At 5-10, 215 pounds they just might have the perfect complement to LeSean McCoy.

He has been described as a meat and potatoes, workhorse type of back who has the ability to catch the ball with soft hands similar to a Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears.  If his injuries are in fact behind him and the Eagles can add a guy like that to their already dynamic offense - watch out, they might have found a steal.

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