There will be more changes on the Eagles offensive line.

The Eagles will move King Dunlap back to left tackle, Danny Watkins will be at right guard, and Dennis Kelly will play right tackle going forward - Demetress Bell heads back to the bench for Sunday's game against the Redskins.

What about newcomer Jake Scott? Eagles head coach Andy Reid talked about his plans for the veteran guard.

“We’ll see how he does," said Reid at his Wednesday press conference.  "We’ll get him in and he played in this offense in college. Then, he knows [offensive line coach] Howard [Mudd]’s technique obviously so he can work in. He rotates everybody in.”

(Listen to Sheil Kapadia from Birds 24/7 blog talk about the Eagles offensive line on the Sports bash):

Even if Scott is the most talented player on the Eagles beleaguered offensive line, he probably wont start right away.

“I don’t know exactly where he’s at right now," Reid said about Scott's availability on Sunday.  "I wouldn’t be able to tell you that because he hasn’t played in a little bit here. I’ll see him go out, move around, and see what he can do. He has been a solid starter for five years or so. He’s a pretty good player.”

One move that should help out the struggling offensive line is the return of former first-round pick Danny Watkins.  While Watkins struggled a bit this season, he is a better option than Dennis Kelly, who took his place the past few weeks.

“It’s great having Danny back," said rookie quarterback Nick Foles.  "We have had so many guys who have stepped in and played their butt off. No matter who is in there, I know that they are going to give it their all every snap.”

Eagles fans should be hoping that Watkins ankle issue contributed to his poor play this season.  Meanwhile, moving Kelly back to his more natural tackle position could improve his play as well - he admitted he was having a tough time learning the guard position.

“It was a little difficult," admitted Kelly.  "It was pretty hard throughout the preseason and the beginning of the year because I was looking at every position trying to make sure I knew everything. But now that I was able to focus on one position at a time I think it’s a little bit easier. I’m able to focus at guard at the moment and the last couple weeks. Now I have to kind of go back to knowing both and now that I have a good feeling about guard I don’t have that much pressure having to worry about what the other person is doing.”

Either way the line will have another different look on Sunday, but it should be the best unit since the start of the season and getting a veteran like Scott can only help them improve.

“They had a bunch of injuries here," Scott said.  "Losing four of your starters, you’ve got to find guys and I knew that. They said that coming in. My job’s going to be to fit in wherever they need me.  I’ve got to be ready for this Sunday if they need me. So, I’ll be ready for Sunday.”




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