Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie finally broke his silence on Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings in Arizona, answering a variety of questions and plenty of insight on what has been a wild off season for his team.

"I changed my mind," Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie told reporters at the NFL owners meetings in Arizona on Tuesday.

Lurie told reporters that he decided to remove Howie Roseman as the team's general manager and replace him with Ed Marynowitz, but was it all the owners decision as Chip Kelly said before Sam Bradford was introduced two weeks ago?

"Chip's requirement to have sort of a football guy that he was comfortable with in terms of helping him day-to-day, minute-by-minute."

(Listen to NFL editor John McMullen of SportsNetwork.com discuss Jeff Lurie's comments)

Lurie indicated that Chip has been talking about this full makeover of the team since he got here, finding players who fit his style of play, something Lurie said Kelly was looking for more of a one-cut running back to fit his power spread offense, something LeSean McCoy did not fit.

"You got to let a coach try to bring in the players that fit best what he's all about to maximize what he's trying to accomplish," Lurie explained.  "It really boils down to that, you have a decision has an owner, do you want to fit that or do you want to adopt that?  I went all out to try and get Chip as the coach and really happy we did."

It sounds like Lurie is buying whatever Kelly is selling an is willing to crash and burn if this drastic reshaping of the organization doesn't work.

"It's very difficult to get from good to great," Lurie acknowledged.  "You've got to take some serious looks at yourself when you want to try and take that step, its a gamble."